Betting Without Swedish license: What are the odds?





If a Sweden turns to Betting Without Game Break, it will most likely be a European bookmaker legalized in the EU (permits from Malta, Great Britain, Gibraltar, etc.). In this case, the player will find a stable and protected environment for a comfortable game.
European bookmakers, in general, do not differ much from Swedish ones. The player will find the usual betting formats. Betting Without Game Break can apply European (decimal) or British (fractional) odds. American (moneyline) odds are used in the USA.

Decimal odds are used mainly in Europe, Australia and Canada. They are considered the easiest to understand. In particular, the player quickly understands who is the favourite and underdog in the match. This format of odds shows the amount that the sports fan will win for 1 set dollar. For example, odds look like 3.00; the player puts 5 SEK. It means that in case of success, the player will get 3.00 x 5 = 15 SEK. From this amount, we deduct the bet made and get a net profit of 10 SEK.

British or Irish odds are placed in Great Britain and Ireland. They are written as 6/1, 5/3 or 6-1, 5-3. The first digit means profit — 6 monetary units, and the second digit means the stake made. That is, if you have bet 10 SEK, then a successful event with odds 6/1 will reward you with 60 SEK net profit. The total payout will be 60 + 10 = 70 SEK .
American bookmakers add ‘minus’ and ‘plus’ signs to odds. The marks are placed on favorites and underdogs, and means the amount you have to bet to win 100 USD.

The benefits of Betting Without Game Break

Most Betting Without Game Breaks allows players to change betting formats with a special switch. The Swede will still feel comfortable playing — and they’ll get more benefits than a Swedish licensed bookmaker.

The Swedish-licensed office will have to comply with the restrictions after July 2, 2020:

  • Only 1 bonus not exceeding SEK 100 when registering
  • Restriction on deposits — not more than SEK 5 000
  • Compulsory registration with Spelpaus
  • The player will be obliged to set limits on the spending of money and the time of the game session.

Foreign bookies do not comply with these requirements. They offer a comprehensive bonus program and no Spelpaus. However, security remains at the same high level as in Sweden. You can view the list of casinos without a Swedish license and a break for playing on the website

Expand experience with betting without a Swedish license

Let’s look at examples of how to play on sites without Swedish permission. Every self-respecting betting fan will be sure to compare several betting websites to find the best odds. We will compare three bookmakers:

  • 22bet
  • Melbet
  • Bettilt

22bet — Estonian bookmaker under the management of TonyBet OÜ, working under license from the UK. He offers pre-match and live betting on all sports. The bookmaker’s specialization is football, table tennis and eSports. There are Premier League, Bundesliga and e-football, e-sports FPS, e-sports MOBA lines in a separate column. Most of the lines are placed on them.

Melbet offers a vast number of football and eSports bets. Fans of tennis, American football, hockey, UFC and horse racing can also enjoy themselves. There is even a weather stake (measured by the temperature at the airports). The bookmaker is run by Pelican Entertainment Ltd and licensed by Curacao.

Bettilt — this brand is managed by Abudantia B.V. and operates under license from Curaçao. The bookmaker pays great attention to e-sports, in particular FIFA18 games. On his website, e-sports fans will find more betting opportunities than their competitors.

So, to compare odds, we will take the English Premier League match Manchester City x Arsenal FC, which is scheduled for 17.06.20. Here is how a 1×2 (or moneyline) bet looks like for three bookmakers:

BookmakerManchester City (1)X (Draw)Arsenal (2)

Comparing the offers of betting without a Swedish license, we see that the favorite is Manchester City, and it offers almost the same odds. By placing a SEK 10 on this club, the player will win 10 x odds = SEK 13.8 or 13.9 if successful.

The lines for the draw and the Arsenal are of more interest. Here you should choose a bet after a thorough analysis of the clubs. What is the state of the teams, how they were affected by COVID-19, the matches’ history, and how important the game is, etc.

If after careful analysis the player sees that it makes sense to stake on Arsenal — then it is most profitable to play in Melbet. This bookmaker offers odds 7.3, that is, if successful, the bettor will get 10 x 7.3 = SEK 73. Competitors provide significantly lower values.

The next criterion for choosing a bookmaker is the fairness of payments, reviews, bonuses.

  • 22bet — welcome bonus 100% to GBP 50
  • Melbet — welcome 100% to EUR 100 or free bet EUR 30
  • Bettilt — welcome 100% up to EUR 500 + 30 FS. Reload bonus 10% up to EUR 50.

Finding Value in Betting Odds Without Swedish license

Fans of sports betting do not chase for profit, but for stakes that pay more than they should. Bookmakers use odds to tell you how much a player will get if the stake is successful, and with what percentage of probability the event will come true.

However, bookmakers’ analysts may be wrong. And if you find an event that pays more than it should — for example, the underdog wins the match, it is called find extra value bet.

The choice of betting without a Swedish license must be subject to common-sense considerations. European bookmakers without a Swedish license offer a much more pleasant gaming environment than the licensed offices. The player should compare odds and bonus offers, check availability of European license. Then the gaming experience will be the most enjoyable.

Information til danske spillere

Denne information vedrører, om det er lovligt at reklamere for spil- og spiludbydere uden tilladelse fra Spillemyndigheden til at levere spilaktiviteter i Danmark.

En af de vigtigste opgaver for Spillemyndigheden er at beskytte det lovlige spilmarked effektivt i forhold til den delvise liberalisering, der trådte i kraft 1. januar 2012.
Forbuddet mod reklame er en af beskyttelsesforanstaltningerne inden for spilloven. Spillemyndigheden vil derfor fokusere på reklame for spil og betting sites uden dansk licens.